Nettie Millhollon Educational Trust

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Low-interest loans to worthy Texas students

We offer low-interest loans to qualified Texas students.  We want to enable you to go to school without it costing you an arm and a leg.  Your future depends on your education, and we want to help you obtain the best education you can.

About the Trust and Loans

The Nettie Millhollon Educational Trust

The Trust was established in July of 1944. Having no children of her own, Mrs. Millhollon, a woman of great vision, wanted to leave something to help “make this world a better place in which to live.” Mrs. Millhollon passed away in 1960 and the Trust made its first loan in 1963. Mrs. Millhollon’s wish was to “aid and assist poor, worthy, and underprivileged boys and girls in educating themselves.” This fund has helped many students already and hopes to continue doing so.


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We want to help make your education more affordable. Apply for your low interest loan today and get started on your future.Our loans carry a 3% simple interest charge and become due after you finish school. Get your education and start your future today.

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