Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Millhollon Educational Trust Fund. If you have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to email or call us with your question.


Will I need a co-signer for my note?

No, the loan is a signature note between the student and the Trust to which the student has a moral obligation to repay.

Do I have to come for an interview?

Yes, please check a map and make sure you can handle the trip. The time and date of the interview is set by the Trustee.


What about money for summer classes?

No funds are available for summer school.

What about graduate school?

Funds are available for graduate students that have previously borrowed from the trust during college. If you do not wish to borrow any longer, the Trust does have a two (2) year deferment program if you go straight to graduate school.

How many loans will be made?

The number varies each semester. The Trust cannot determine the amount until all applicants are interviewed and available funds are taken into account.

Can I email or fax my application?

No. Email is for questions and answers only. No applications will be accepted via email or fax.


Do I have to send my grades and registration each semester if I do not plan on borrowing from the Trust some semester?

Yes, we must have grades and registration each semester in order to defer loan repayment.