Student Loan Application

Obtain the Application

To obtain an application, you can do any of the following:

  • Print out the application form by clicking on the blue button above

  • Call and request an application: (432) 756-2261 - leave your name and address

  • Fax request to (432) 756-3956

  • Email request to

  • Mail request to:

    Millhollon Trust

    P.O. Box 643

    Stanton, TX 79782

Loan Application Process

Complete these following steps:

  • Students must submit a complete application form with all attachments to the Office of the Trust by the deadline dates of July 1 for the Fall or January 2 for the Spring semesters.

  • Students must come to Stanton, Texas, for a personal interview with one of the Trustees at a time set by the Trustees.

  • Not all applicants will be approved.

  • Successful applicants will be selected from among those interviewed based primarily on financial need as the Trustees determine.

  • Disbursement will be made promptly with the students receiving a check made out to them and the college they will be attending. Check must be taken to the Financial Aid Office at the University. Students and the University representative must endorse the check.

  • You may request or submit an application at any time, however be sure to show the date of the semester for which you want to apply on the application.

  • Incomplete or unreadable applications will not be accepted.

  • The Trust does not accept applications received after the deadlines.